Bridal Shows 101

ridal shows are great to give you ideas for your wedding. There are runway shows, cake tastings, make-up applications, and companies like the folks at TEC Entertainment give substantial discounts on many of their services exclusively at bridal shows.

Upon arrival make sure you have cash, credit card and check book on hand. This is a great time to book your D.J., photographer, etc… Another great tip is if you have your return address stickers, bring them with you, it saves time when you want to fill out the contest forms.

Check out the scene. Register for as many contests as possible and make sure you fill out all the necessary information. Compare photographers, D.J’s, cakes, wedding flowers etc… You have plenty of time to go through everything. These bridal shows are meant for you to book all your needs in one day.

Make sure you look at the runway show too. They usually have all of the “new” wedding dresses that are most popular for the current year. It will give you ideas of what kind of wedding dress you are looking for too. They have ideas for tuxes as well. The runway show usually plays several times through out the day. You can’t miss it!

Finally, about an hour towards the end of the bridal show check out your options one more time and compare pricing. Put down your deposits and get your receipts. Grab business cards if necessary. If you chose a D.J. make sure you set up an appointment with him in advance to go over what your musical expectations are etc… If you don’t end up booking with anyone, it’s not the end of the world. There are plenty of other Bridal Shows out there.

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