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star cast for a Bellissimo brunch

Waterloo Road star red bottom shoes Chelsee Healey was in louboutin replica traffic stopping form in her figure hugging bodycon dress and Christian replica christian louboutin Louboutin heels.

And she was joined by a bevy of beautiful ladies, red bottoms including glamour girl Rhian Sugden, model and actress Charlotte Dawson, Hollyoaks star Jorgie Porter and WAGs Chantelle Tagoe and Jude Cisse for the afternoon bash.

Even the chaps were on top form in their Sunday best with the VIP crew of club promoters Scott Mackenzie Shashua and Scott Thomas joined by his actor brothers Ryan Thomas and Adam Thomas, as well as actors Richard Fleeshman, Dean Gaffney replica louboutin and Oliver Mellor looking like a Manchester version of the Rat Pack in their snazzy suits and brogues.

Indeed, at first The Diary didn’t recognise red bottom heels former red bottom boots Corrie fave the Fleesh, who is looking more like a Hollywood star by the day after his star turns on London’s West End and Broadway with musical Ghost.

Guests, who arrived just after lunch to the Spring Gardens restaurant, were treated to a live DJ set and performances from burlesque dancers and circus artists.

And the success of this event is set to spawn more in future.

Promoter Scott Thomas said after the event yesterday: “What an experience, honestly so proud of the party we created. Bellissimo Brunch Club has truly arrived.”

The brunch club concept red bottom pumps has already spread to other venues with trendy Spinningfields bar Neighbourhood launching their take on the concept, while the Malmaison Hotel have launched a brunch club event too.

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